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Hi, I'm Anje!
Delicious currant cake and ginger
cookies made over an open flame.

My interest in historical cookery was sparked by two high school summers I spent working in the historical buildings of Upper Canada Village. Since then I have been interested in the relationship between food and history and I even achieved a Bachelor's in History and Museum Studies. I've been lucky enough to use my passion for historical food as inspiration for several academic pursuits, and have been nominated by professors to submit food history themed articles to academic journals. I also created Early Canadian Cookbooks Online (ECCO) as a project for a digital humanities course.

This blog chronicles my adventures taking real historical recipes straight from the source and putting them to the test in a modern day kitchen. When I'm cooking I am constantly problem-solving, whether it is deciding how much "butter the size of an egg" is, at what temperature to bake a temperature-less cookie recipe, or trying to figure out what in the world galangal is. I encourage readers to try these recipes too, because I believe that food and cooking are unique and interactive ways to learn about history.

Me on the far right, learning how to cook on a cast iron stove.
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